5 YouTube channels to watch before creating videos


So, you finally decide that you’re gonna do something with your life and maybe learn a thing or two about the camera that you have lying around in your mamma’s basement.

Well, before you start your long journey of becoming a filmmaker, here are 5 YouTube channels that you need to visit before heading out for your first shoot.

Every Frame A Painting

Before you learn the technical aspects of how the camera works and how to use the manual mode, you need to get a bit of an understanding of film theory.

Just like the vocabulary within a language, filmmaking has its own language.

Once you understand the basics of visual storytelling you’ll be equipped with the vision of a film director. You’ll understand what types of shots you need to convey a specific feeling, how continuity editing works, what kind of lighting is most appropriate, how to use movement in your shots and tons more.

EveryFrameAPainting is a series of video essays created by Taylor Ramos and Tony Zhou.

Their essays fundamentally changed the way I looked at films. As a beginner, we need to consume good art and only after understanding the subtle nuances and the vocabulary of the medium can you create something close to good art. It is a long process of developing good taste, knowing where you stand and then trying the fill the gap between your vision and the technical ability you possess to execute on that vision.

These essays by EveryFrameAPaining gives you the tools and the perspective to start consuming art the right way. It helps you understand the language of visual storytelling and to appreciate great art. 


Nerdwriter is a video essay channel created by Evan Puschak, an American journalist who worked with MSNBC as a multimedia editor. 

Nerdwriter has one of the most beautiful video essays on YouTube. He writes on a lot of topics, but they are mostly based on understanding art. I suggest watching Nerdwriter along with EveryFrameAPaining, both of them help you in getting a good foundational understanding of the ways art can be consumed. 

DLSR Guide

When it comes to learning filmmaking online and understanding the technical aspect of it all. DSLRguide is pretty much the staple. You can watch Simon for hours and you still wouldn’t need a break thanks to his calm and composed presentation. 

DSLRguide has an immense catalog of content aimed at helping you with film theory, gear, behind the scenes and industry advice. Simon shares his experiences as a freelancer in the filmmaking world, takes us with him on his shoots with amazing behind the scenes content and most of all he is someone you can count on and start your filmmaking career with. Feels great to watch a chill and informative video from DSLRguide after a hard day’s work. 

Film Riot

The show FilmRiot is hosted by Ryan Conolly an American filmmaker.

FilmRiot has been one of the biggest advocates of indie filmmaking and has tons of valuable information on DIY gear builds, visual effects, film theory. Everything is presented in an over the top, hyper-energetic manner(which I love!) They have tons of content, so go ahead and subscribe to their channel and start making films.

Indy Mogul

Indy Mogul is a channel hosted by indie filmmakers Ted Sim, Griffin Hammond, and Erik Beck They feature interviews with industry professionals, other creators and put out tons of content on learning filmmaking skills, gear recommendations and more.

Bonus Content: For Go-Pro Enthusiasts

Learn how to use your GoPro camera to create cinematic videos that people actually watch!

In this course, Pascal, a world traveler, and filmmaker, originally from Germany teaches you all the secrets and techniques that he uses in his YouTube and commercial GoPro videos.

Check out his course here.


Hope this helped you out. Let me know in the comments who’s channel is your favorite. If you’d like to learn more, visit my YouTube channel SoundOfTheShutter for more info. Thank you. 🙂

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