Ways To Use Video To Market Your Resort AND Hotel

video marketing for hotels

If you own a travel business, video is one of the most powerful ways to market it effectively.

Videos create an instant connection with the consumer and gives them a real-life experience of the destination and the services that you offer. Most importantly, it instills trust with your brand and helps grow a deeper relationship with your customers.

An emotional connection is one of the major driving forces that affect customer buying decisions and videos are the best ways to achieve this.

The information shared below is for travel-related businesses like travel agencies, hotels, resorts, hostels, etc.

Types Of Videos You Can Make To Market Your Travel Business

Company Introduction Video/ Video Business Card

Get an introductory video done for your business that simply outlines what you do and what solutions you provide for your customers and most importantly why you do it. Keep the video short and to the point.

Focus more on the company goals and ideas than listing out features that you provide. Use good storytelling to grab the attention of the customer and create a genuine connection with them. A video business card is basically an elevator pitch but in the video.

Here’s an amazing example of a video business card. 

Chris, the founder of DreamCube Productions explains the power of video for marketing and the story behind his brand.

Storytelling is key to building trust with your customers while creating a video business card. Share the most human aspects of your business with your customers.

Here’s what you’d want to share:

  1. Let them know about your goals and values.  
  2. Share stories about the struggles you had to go through while starting your business.
  3. Tell them how you find meaning in what you do.
  4. Share future goals for your business.

Branded Informational Videos

Potential customers don’t care about who you are or your business. They just care about how you can help them solve their problems. 

The key to building a great brand is to provide value to your target clients through helpful information that will genuinely help them get from point A to point B. By continuously providing them value through informative blogs, helpful tips, and inspirations quotes, etc. Your brand gains authority and is much more likely to end up on the first page of Google or YouTube. 

Creating content that is related to your brand but not focused on the company, in the form of entertainment, information or insight is the best way to drive customer engagement and brand affinity.

  • Travel itinerary video: Explain how your customers can get the most out of their time while traveling to a new place. A recent survey shows that most of the travel-related searches involve destination names and itineraries. So if you are a travel agency be the first to create destination-specific videos and be seen first by your prospective clients.
  • Do’s and Don’ts Video: Educate your customers on the dangers of a specific place and traditions followed in a certain place before they start the journey.
  • Mini-Documentaries: You can create a mini-documentary series on your business or the specialties of your location. This motivates the clients to visit your place and explore more.
  • Tips and Tricks Videos: Sharing tips and tricks or ‘travel hacks’ is a nice way to help out fellow travelers.
  • Travel Films and Vlogs: Sharing travel films/vlogs made by your guests is another great way to market your business. Here is an example.

Here’s how Taj hotels use video to tell the story of how their crew cares about great food and attention to detail.

Service Promotional Videos

Differentiating yourself from your competition is one of the most important aspects of building a successful business. This will help with the customers that are at the ‘consideration’ stage of the marketing funnel.

After you have created awareness about your business through commercials and the video business card. It is time to showcase the most unique aspects of your business through byte-sized social media videos. 

Make a promo video showcasing services that you offer so that your customer has an idea of what they can expect. This video can stay on your website.

Here are some examples::

  • A promo video for your exclusive spa services
  • Video showing how a famous local dish is prepared at your restaurant.
  • Show off your state of the art jacuzzi in your fancy hotel.
  • A cinematic video of the yoga campaigns you do regularly.

Here’s a good example where Elmwood Spa markets its ‘Fire and Ice’ Massage as one of their special services.

Repurpose these videos into byte-sized entertaining content for social media. You can do this in the following ways:

  • Cut out the best parts of your business commercial from YouTube and post it on Instagram and Facebook.
  • Share your brand’s tagline on twitter.
  • Transcribe the audio in your videos into blog posts.
  • Share small snippets of your client’s testimonials. 

FAQ Videos

Customer queries are one of the most time-consuming things that any business has to handle. We know how tedious of a process it is to repeatedly answer the same questions from your customers. Instead, you could have used that time to grow your business.

Here’s an elegant solution for you. Automate the process of answering your clients by baking all of it into one video. Now when a client has a query, simply send them the link to the video. They might even check out the video business card you have on your website while they’re at it. It’s a nice way to warm up your clients before taking the sales call. 

Make a video explaining the most frequently asked questions by your customers.

  • If your property is a remote place, share the location details.
  • Share info on any special services that you provide.
  • Talk about new plans for your business.
  • Ask your customers on Instagram stories about what services they need in the future.
  • Show them your other side and be authentic.

Here’s a FAQ video that was done by Jara Beach Resort to help out their customer base.

Company Vlogs

Document your journey as a business owner and share your experiences, hurdles, and success stories. The point is to be as personal and human as possible in order to create a connection with your audience.

  • Show them behind the scenes footage explaining your processes. 
  • Show them how your day went and if you faced any issues on the way. This will really add a vulnerable, human touch to your brand and help build immense trust with your customers. 
  • Talk about new plans for your business.
  • Ask your customers on Instagram stories about what services they need in the future.
  • Show them your other side and be authentic.

Event Videos

Make a recap video for events that you organize and share it on social media. You can also add behind the scenes content along with this. Repurpose content as much as possible and share it natively on each social media.

Recap video for the year 2019 by Liberty Mountain Resort.

User-Generated Video Campaigns

According to Nielsen’s report, 92% of customers take the word of mouth suggestions while making a decision. People often look at social media posts of their friends and family and decide on their next vacation. Therefore it is very important to use this to your advantage.

Ask your guests to create Instagram videos sharing what they love most about your business. Repost user-generated content on all your social media platforms to multiply your engagement. 

Another powerful way to capitalize on user-generated campaigns is Influencer marketing.

Invite social media influencers with decent followings to your business and offer them free service. Ask them to create content around their experience. 

One of the best examples of using user-generated content is when Booking.com called upon 14,000 employees from around 190 countries, gave them free travel to ‘experience the world’, and asked them to make simple videos. It is one of their most successful videos.

This is how booking.com showcases their mission statement – “make it easier for everyone to experience the world”

Customer Testimonial Videos

Customer testimonial videos do a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to marketing your business. Praise coming directly coming from the customer creates a strong impression of your business with your prospective clients.

Ask your customers to make a testimonial video on their experience with you. Make a montage of all your customer testimonials and put some music in the background.

You can even add these to your video business card and your website.

An example of a testimonial video made by Absolute Resorts & Hotels.

Tips To Create A Compelling Customer Testimonial Video

  • Have A Story Arc:
    • Introduce the customer as the main character.
    • Let them explain their goals and motives( Eg. To have a great reunion vacation with fellow college-mates) 
    • Ask them what obstacles they were facing to achieve their goals.(Eg. Not finding the right place/experience)
    • Ask them how your business helped them solve their issues and to achieve their end goal.(Eg. Your business made excellent arrangements for the reunion party)
    • Ask them for any feedback regarding your business.
  • Choose an interesting person for your video:
    • Look for someone who seems to have high energy and is a general extrovert. Having an interesting person keeps all the eyeballs engaged.
  • Record quality audio:
    • Have a dedicated microphone if possible.
    • Record voice with your phone keeping the microphone as near as possible to your mouth. 
  • Compose your shot well:
    • Keep switching between shots, occasionally punching in for a closeup shot to grab the viewer’s attention. 


These videos are the ones that actually drive sales and get your customers to take action. 

But I’ve purposefully added this type at the end to remind you to make sure that you have provided enough value to your customers through other videos and digital content(blogs, social media posts, etc) before designing an ad to drive sales. Customers don’t like to be sold things, they like to be inspired, entertained, or educated before they buy anything from you.

Use Facebook, Youtube to send a targeted ad video and see your sales skyrocket. This is a whole other topic and needs another blog post to do justice to it. So stay tuned, I’ll be writing one on this topic soon.

Thank You Videos

Reminding your customer that you are thankful for the opportunity in the form of a personal video is the best way to showcase the care and loyalty towards clients.

Marketing your branded videos the right way

Now that you have produced these amazing videos, you need to know how do you market it to the right audience and to maximize conversion rates.

Having the right marketing strategy and implementing it successfully can be the difference between your video going viral, reaching millions of prospective clients or it being another dead video on your social media page. So use the following tips to market your videos the right way.

Re-Purpose and Reuse Existing Content

A single video can be repurposed into several pieces of content.

A snippet of the main video can be put on twitter and Instagram and transcripts can be repurposed into blog posts. Use this technique to increase how much content you can put out for your audience.

Have Enticing Titles And Thumbnails

A good title intrigues the viewer and increases click-through rates. Do not mistake this for click-bait. A clickbaity title falsely promises certain content and tricks the viewer into watching the video.

Also having an interesting thumbnail is a must. Thumbnails with emotive faces, contrast, supportive text work best.

Advertise to the right audience on social media

In order to successfully turn a lead into a customer, you have to guide the prospective customer through the sales funnel.

To do this, you have to strategically fabricate content that guides the customer through the following stages:

  1. Awareness: This stage gets the client aware of the existence of your business. It is best to run an ad campaign with some of your best videos at this stage(Travel film, Storytelling videos)
  2. Consideration: Till this point, the customer only aware of your services, but has no incentive to choose you over your competition. This is where you differentiate yourself by showcasing your uniqueness. Create service-specific videos to get your audience excited(Service Promotions)
  3. Conversion: Finally, the customer is aware and knows what makes your business special and suitable for his/her needs. Now is the time to retarget ads to them and successfully convert them.

Carefully observe your customers and locate which stage of the marketing funnel they are in. Advertising is most effective when the customers have successfully passed through the ‘awareness’ and ‘consideration’ stages of the marketing funnel. 

Create a custom target audience based on your niche and push well thought out adverts to instantly increase sales.

Create events like giveaways and free downloads and redirect traffic to your landing page where you can showcase your services.

Add Videos To Your Emails

Adding videos to your emails gives a huge boost to email click through rates. So the next time you send out a pitch, grab your camera and make a casual talking-head video of you pitching an idea.

Add Videos To Your Landing Page

Still, using the same old Image/Graphic on your landing page? Switch to video and you’ll be surprised!

Having a video on your landing page can increase your conversions by 86%(Source: Eyeview) A video builds trust and increases conversion rates drastically.

Share Your Video On Online Forums

Engage in conversations regarding your niche and add value by sharing knowledge.

For example, if someone is looking for a certain type of service, you can point out where they can find it or send your video on the service you provide.

Why Video Content Marketing Is Best For Travel Businesses

As you know, travel businesses heavily rely on visual branding to market themselves, which makes sense because a prospective traveler needs to have an idea of what he/she could expect.

Video being an extremely easy-to-digest type of content compared to reading engages the audience effortlessly and builds trust with the brand. It is one of the most powerful tools to build a relatable brand online

Video Is The Best Tool To Tell Your Brand Story

From Wyzowl’s State of Video Marketing Survey, it is seen that 85% of businesses use video as their marketing tool and 92% of marketers who use video say that it’s an important part of their marketing strategy.[Hubspot]

Employing creative storytelling techniques to showcase your brand goals and ideas through a well thought out video can set you apart from your competition and generate brand awareness.

Pro-tip: An emotionally charged video will create a strong impact on your audience.

Still, using the same old Image/Graphic on your landing page? Switch to video and you’ll be surprised!

Having a video on your landing page can increase your conversions by 86%(Source: Eyeview) A video builds trust and increases conversion rates drastically.

Videos Help You Reach A Wider Audience

Video content is the top-performing type of content in almost all social media. They receive significant reach when combined with useful content and accurate metadata.

Still, using the same old Image/Graphic on your landing page? Switch to video and you’ll be surprised!

Having a video on your landing page can increase your conversions by 86%(Source: Eyeview) A video builds trust and increases conversion rates drastically.

Videos Are Versatile

As you have previously read, video can be created in various shapes and sizes specifically for each situation. This makes them an extremely flexible marketing tool.

To capitalize on this versatile nature of the video, you need to be aware of what results you’re trying to achieve before creating them. Here are some outcomes that can be achieved through video:

  • Brand awareness.
  • Building trust.
  • Streamlining business processes(saving time).
  • Increase sales.
  • Demonstrate social proof.
  • Create an impact.

So, have a strategy on what is to be achieved and make the most of your videos.


Whether you’re a million-dollar business or a small start-up, content marketing especially in the form of video is essential to get your client’s attention in this day and age. Telling your brand story is the one thing that differentiates you from the rest. 

Start your video marketing journey today by getting professionally produced videos made for your brand at soundoftheshutter. Visit our website for more details.

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